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Document security for business

Once a confidential document has been sent, it can spread online for anyone to see, download and misuse. Digify is an award-winning document security service that gives you comprehensive insights and protection you need to keep full control over the documents you’re sending online.

One integrated solution

Information security for your company doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Ensure your documents are protected without having to purchase and integrate different security tools. Digify combines compliant document security with a wide range of digital rights management, data room and email security features.

Know what's going on​

With Digify, you can track your documents to know who has seen them, for how long, from where, and how many times. Find out if your documents are being forwarded or re-sent, and actually have a way to stop it from happening by revoking access.

Save time with automated watermarks

Whether it is for extra document protection or tracking, Digify lets you add customizable watermarks to your secure PDF and documents, automatically showing recipient’s email. No more manual work. Optionally, apply our patented movable watermark to discourage screenshots and screen recordings.

Close deals faster with virtual data rooms

Digify’s data rooms are secure repositories for managing sensitive company information such as your intellectual property. Optimized for fundraising, due diligence and investor updates, Digify lets you retain full control of your important documents. Our platform helps you close deals faster by giving you insights on how investors are interacting with your documents.
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